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Average Professional Development Service Rating

4.43 out of 5 Stars
In an effort to better serve customers, HCESC conducts feedback surveys. This information serves as market research to allow HCESC to increase responsiveness and attentiveness to customer wants, needs, perceptions and requirements. The rating above represents the average service rating based upon the unfiltered, cumulative feedback responses received as of 4/6/2017 (3583 feedback form responses to date 2017).

Administrative Search Services

Responding to district requests for an affordable service, Hamilton County ESC has created Administrative Search Services. Districts and schools are looking for affordable services from local experts with local knowledge and experience.

Hamilton County ESC provides searches for Superintendents, Treasurers, Curriculum Directors, Pupil Personnel Directors, Central Office Positions, Building Administrators, and others.

Benefits of using HCESC include:

  • A comprehensive team-based approach by experienced administrators with local knowledge and expertise
  • Statewide contacts through the ESC network
  • Affordable, readily available and customized to your specific needs

Process can include:

  • Develop the position specifications and priority selection criteria
  • Develop the recruiting materials
  • Determine the extent of the search
  • Design, print and distribute brochures
  • Actively recruit candidates
  • Process applications
  • Evaluate candidates
  • Recommend a pool of candidates to interview
  • Assist with the interview questions, process, and selection criteria

Follow-up services can include:

  • Mentoring services to the candidate selected so they get off to a successful start
  • Assistance with establishing the Superintendent’s Evaluation System so there is an established, clear set of expectations

Bill Sears, 513.674.4207

Board of Education Development and Collaborative District Leadership

HCESC has a research-based process that will not only assist new and current board members in understanding their role but also focuses on how to build a strong collaborative leadership team. This team is composed of the Board, Superintendent and Treasurer. Time is given to learning about how to function as a collaborative team and the importance of creating a shared vision and goals for the district. Leadership team members will gain knowledge of the five significant characteristics to become high performing and results-driven.

As new citizens are elected to Boards of Education, HCESC can facilitate the on-boarding of these members onto your leadership team. Current boards can also strengthen their leadership team as a result of this process.

If your Board or District would like more information about board responsibilities and building collaborative leadership team, please feel free to contact Hamilton County Educational Service Center.

Bill Sears, 513.674.4207

Evaluation Processes – OSES, OPES, OTES, eTPES

Hamilton County ESC has trained facilitators who can assist districts who want to improve the processes used to evaluate the superintendent, principals and teachers.

Hamilton County ESC can provide:

  • Training for implementing the Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System (OSES) can be an asset to providing quality district leadership
  • Training for implementing the Ohio Principals Evaluation System which can strengthen leadership at the school level
  • Training for implementing the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System which can positively impact student learning

Hamilton County ESC can also support:

  • Evaluation of school treasurers
  • Development of district-wide evaluation systems
  • Creation of Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

Bill Sears, 513.674.4207
Karen Austin, 513.674.4512

Gifted and Talented Consultation Services

HCESC can provide both coordination and consultation services to ensure that the district is current, compliant in meeting the needs of their gifted students.

Gifted consultation services include:

  • Planning of delivery of services
  • Consultation regarding compliance and technical assistance
  • Learning Sessions for administrators
  • Development of curriculum documents
  • Legislative updates and Research Briefs
  • Communications including Phone/email/Skype
  • Professional Learning Communities within and between districts
  • Support for gifted audits and service expansion
  • Professional development support and access to all Hamilton County ESC gifted loan materials

Bill Sears, 513.674.4207
Karen Austin, 513.674.4512